Denise Rosa


Denise Rosa was born in Brazil and proudly became an US citizen in 2004. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in fine arts at Westcon State University. Since she was young, Denise has been fascinated by cultural diversity and personality traits. As she matured, her interest led her to explore natural medicine, eventually becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist

Simultaneously, she found her self-drawn face painting and performing at children’s events, recognizing the significance of understanding the human soul’s needs irrespective of age or culture. Denise’s artistic expression finds its roots in close observation of nature and humanity. Her work depicts positive and intriguing messages that provoke wondering.

Embracing the role of contemporary artist, Denise cherishes the liberty to paint according to her emotional state or her curiosity about contemporary matters. For Denise, the process of creation holds greater importance as it embodies her journey of expression.